We all know about the most popular places in New Smyrna Beach to grab lunch or dinner aka: The Garlic, Breakers, and Norwoods. Don't get me wrong, you should absolutely stop in these places during your visit or if you're moving to the area. They are the most popular for a reason after all. For this blog I though I'd take a minute to recognize some of the other amazing places to eat that many don't know about...

 Breakfast/Lunch Spots

1. Bagel Barn 

Bagel Barn is technically located in Edgewater, just a tad south of New Smyrna. Bagel Barn has certainly become a popular spot for locals and I've heard they may be opening a second location in New Smyrna so look out for that! This place not only makes their own bagels but there own cream cheese too. They always have an abundance of flavors, unless you get there too late in the day, they'll likely be sold out of everything. They also offer full breakfasts, cold and hot sandwiches, items for the kids like chicken tenders and french fries, pasta and potato salads, and they even have meals pre-made that only require to be heated up if you're looking for a quick and easy dinner that night. 

2. Cafe Del Soul

This yummy, organic, light and fresh cafe is located on a side street off Canal St., called Magnolia. This place is the perfect lunch spot in my opinion. I love how they have tons of plant based options but they aren't completely vegan. This allows for anyone to find something to eat. They have a wide variety of wraps (my personal favorite), bowls, nachos, and they usually have 2 different soup options that are always plant based. The also have fresh juices which are always made to order! My go-to order is the hummus yummus wrap, a cup of the soup of the day, and a ginger limeade. You will not be disappointed with this place!

3. Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar 

There's a good chance you've heard of this place as it sits of the famous Flagler Ave but just in case you haven't, it's a must try! I've placed this under breakfast/lunch because I've actually never been there for dinner. The two times I've been for brunch have never disappointed. They have crepes, hashes, french toast, and a ton of other breakfast specialties. They also have a full bar and if you like a mimosa or bloody mary with your breakfast. The atmosphere is amazing (I've never sat inside), the back patio (also known as: secret garden paradise) is a beautiful garden with string lights and fun chandeliers.  

Dinner Spots 

1. Baci Pizza Restaurant

Who doesn't love good pizza? I've tried lots of different pizza over the course of my life and although I haven't the pleasure of eating pizza in Italy (yet), I have had pizza in NY and NJ. I have to say that Baci Pizza was one of the best I've ever had. Top 3 for sure. Maybe even Top 2. I can't say what the inside of the restaurant is like because I've only eaten outside (reoccurring theme for me) but the outside was nice and even though the pizza was served in the pizza box to the table the food was delicious, so good that I didn't even mind that the food was all served in to-go containers. The pizzas are wood fired and there's a ton different options and sizes to choose from. There's also a handful of delicious appetizers, salads, and pastas. A place the entire family is sure to enjoy. 

2. Thai Mango

I just recently went here for the first time and I have to say, I was blown away with how good the food was. I wouldn't give 5 stars for the atmosphere, more like 2, but the food was 4.5 stars. The vegetable spring rolls were so good that we ordered an extra round and if you like spicy food, you have to try the PAD-KEE-MOW. I loved every bite of food I had at this place. The dessert I wanted to try, which was the fried cheesecake was unfortunately sold out but we tried the rice pudding and the sticky rice and mango which the server raved about. They were okay but not something I would personally order again. If you like Thai food, this is the place in NSB!

3. Outriggers

I had to pick at least one restaurant that's on the water and though it was hard to pick my favorite, I had to go with Outriggers. Not only is this place on the water, it's also a rather large marina and it stores some of the most beautiful boats or should I say yachts. The menu is classic American/seafood and bonus there's even a menu for your dog should you decide to bring them. The view of the intracoastal is amazing, especially at sunset. You'll easily spot dolphins while you enjoy your dinner and drinks. There's also live music almost every night of the week and you can view their entertainment schedule on their website. The food and the vibes here are equally as good making it a win win in my book.   

September 21, 2022 — Victoria O'Day