Tips & Tricks

What To Ask When Interviewing Agents (As a Buyer or Seller)

In this video, Victoria and Emma discuss the essential questions you SHOULD ask when interviewing real estate agents for the job. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, it's crucial to select the right agent for your needs, and these specific questions will guide you in identifying red flags and finding the perfect match. Additionally, we debunk some common myths about the role of real estate agents and share a real-life story of how a buying client saved $50K simply by utilizing an agent's expertise.

How To Build Your Credit Score

V|E guides you through the fundamentals of beginning your credit score journey. Whether your financial aspirations include purchasing a home down the line or making any significant investment requiring a loan, this video serves as an excellent starting point for familiarizing yourself with the crucial steps to maximize your savings potential in the future!

Why You Shouldn't Sell On Your Own

We touch base on the main reasons you shouldn't sell your home yourself and why it's important to have a licensed professional Realtor guide you through this process.

When To Buy A Home

Between all the noise, how do you know when it's ACTUALLY a good time to buy a home?

Several factors can help potential homebuyers assess whether it's a smart time to buy. Here are some key considerations:

2-1 Buydown

The 2-1 buy-down is something all homebuyers should be aware of. We're taking a deep dive into how it works and why this is something you should consider before purchasing a home.

Luxury Home Tours

2220 Rowena Ave

Welcome to 2220 Rowena Ave! Come along with Emma Jones and myself as we give you a little sneak peak of this multi-million dollar custom built home.

2585 Lancaster Ridge

2585 Lancaster Ridge Drive stands out as one of the finest in Providence. Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking views and flawless design of this home, featuring an ultra-private courtyard layout.